Smile Gallery

Our clients proudly share their radiant smiles with loved ones, coworkers, and acquaintances, a testament to the transformation they've undergone at Monahan Dentistry and Implant Center. Dr. Monahan presents a gallery of before-and-after images that reveal the dramatic enhancements in our patients’ smiles. We encourage you to browse this collection from our Mesa dental practice and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any inquiries.

Smile Makeover

This patient wanted to look his best for all of his important life events.  Amidst growing his career and planning a wedding, he wanted a way to look his best!  We performed a total smile makeover and now he smiles with complete confidence - whether he is out with friends, in a meeting at work, or (most importantly) taking wedding pictures!

Full mouth smile makeover, man with great teeth


This young college student never had the chance to get braces as a teenager, but it's never too late to have a beautiful smile!  We performed orthodontics to straighten her teeth, improve her bite, and give her the smile she always dreamed of!

Orthodontics improved this young woman's smile

Teeth Whitening

Professional whitening results can be achieved at any age!  This patient was excited to find out that he could brighten his smile, even in his 60s.  The results were dramatic!

teeth whitening service in Mesa Arizona to brighten smile

Genetic Fix

Sometimes a person is born with missing teeth, or teeth that didn't fully develop.  This beautiful young woman came to us after getting her braces off.  In about 1 hour we were able to use white fillings, aka "bonding" to create natural looking teeth.  She was so happy she didn't have to go to school with gaps or holes in her smile!  If you or a loved one has a similar situation, give us a call today to review your options!

Missing canine teeth from genetics, new smile

Braces & Veneers

This young woman came to us needing help to correct her problematic bite and improve her smile.  We performed braces and two veneers to completely transform her look.  She loves how the gaps are closed and she can talk and chew so much more comfortably!

How braces and veneers can improve your smile


Bill was almost embarrassed to come to the dentist.  At Monahan Dentistry, we are a 'no judgement' zone!  We were able to create a full denture and now he can't stop smiling! 

Dentures to help with missing teeth and better smile


Lance came to us wanting to improve his smile.  He didn't love the shape of his teeth and wanted a fuller, brighter smile.  We performed minimally invasive veneer treatments, and he is ecstatic about the results!  He loves how natural they look and feel!

cosmetic veneers can fix minor flaws in your smile


This young man wasn't happy with the worn discolored look of his teeth.  After placing crowns on his teeth, it completely transformed his appearance!  He loves how his smile is brighter, and his teeth have a fuller, more youthful look!

Dental crowns for fractured or broken tooth


This young woman had braces as a teenager, but unfortunately her teeth had shifted back over the years.  She did not want to have to do braces again, so we were able to make the needed corrections using clear aligners , aka Invisalign!  She loved how no one could even tell she was wearing her trays.  They are so comfortable!

Invisalign can help improve your smile and facial features

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